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  • Does Lion King Tickets (NY) ever get on the list at Ticket Discount Booths?
    Actually if you go to the TKTS webpage they give you the chances of finding certain tickets. However, I searched it on the page and it actually listed the Lion King tickets as never. Most of the popular shows sell out so they don't have to sell their extra tickets for 1/2 price. Hope this helps :-)

    still left for Kids' Night! Get yours at @LaurelwoodBooks this weekend.

    anyone want to see the with us tomorrow? 3PM show...2 for sale, for friends. DM me if interested #tickets #sale #nyc

    Ticket sale fell through on The Broadway May 9th. Anybody interested for a great ??

    Need ?… Use promo code SGFEB for !

    For June 28ths limited number of will be available for deaf & hard of hearing audience members

    @MsWendellTweets I think I paid to be a something last March to get a & advance purch on . I'll figure it out.

    Any of my Facebook friends work for the majestic theater or can get to the ? These tickets are expensive....

    Anybody have inroads to some ?

    Need Broadway Tickets? Buy Broadway Tickets even Sold Out Tickets Wicked, , All Broadway .

    @joyewonder @cookingwhims Hi guys! Unfortunately does not their . Try their BO directly! Minskoff Thr., 45th and B'way

    Tomorrow Night: at Bass Concert Hall! Here:...

    @shnsf Do you offer rush and/or to in Nov?

    Triumph's own Elijah J (former Simba in the ) will perform live in concert. Triumph members get

    @WarpCordova you should see or Wicked instead - they're both fabulous & I bet you can get !

    hmmmm... who wants to go see The musical in May? I get !!! 5th or the 12th, both are Saturdays. Afternoon show.

    just cop'd my .. my job had a great .. so dope .. I love my gig!!! ;)

    Never seen The on stage. Tried looking for to the Baltimore touring run. The "sale" prices were hilarious.

    Going to see at the landmark . Who tryna go ... We get a on group .

    @WeLuvURah try NYU Ticket Central. They have some good for The usually.

    Seeing 3D made me REALLY wanna see the Broadway show (Can you believe I of all people haven't seen it?) Do they sell ?

    discount lion king tix