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  • British Airways fee policies?
    A full fare ticket is going to be 2-3 times the discounted rate and unless you specifically ask for a full fare ticket you are going to get the discounted fares. So if you are unsure if you have a Full Fare or Discounted probably have a discounted fare ticket. If you gave the ticket information to British Airways they should not have given you two different answers, as they would have been able to tell you exactly based on your confirmation. If you were just asking in General then the answers you got were probably correct based on the possible ticket fare you may buy. Just remember that if you purchase a discounted fare, they are non-refundable. So you can cancel the flight but you won't get your cash back. What will happen is that they will deduct the cancellation fee and then give you a credit toward a future flight with what ever is left. This credit also must be used within a period of time(generally 1 year). So for example if the cancellation fee is $100 and your ticket cost $500, you would have a future credit of $400 to use on another flight. If you haven't bought your ticket and think you may need to cancel, you have to weigh the odds of you cancelling with the higher cost to see if it is worth while for you.

    @ Is the $200 AARP for BA biz class still available? i can't seem to get it to apply on a GOT-ORD itinerary.

    had already done that Laura, still expensive . Do you do pensioner ?

    this should work. Please be aware we don't offer on Hand Baggage Only (Basic) and First. 4/4 ^JR

    Virgin Atlantic offers I-Day , #BA announces new route to #Nashville… #virginatlantic #

    Hi Manish, please be aware that this cannot be applied to First or tickets including hand baggage only. ^Gareth

    Hi Piyush, we don't offer student but there's a sale on some routes until 4th July, so there are great available! ^Kimbers

    Hi Juan, we don't have any codes, our website does have some amazing though! ^Anthony

    The are offered at a so do come with a few restrictions. We appreciate your thoughts though and hope you enjoy the flights.

    @ The BA AARP of $130 for WTP is not working on . Can you please look into this?

    Some agencies buy bulk restricted seats and sell at a . We offer a range of including fully flexible ones. ^Hel

    parent speeds plans for flights from Barcelona to U.S., after Norwegian Air touts $65…

    Hi Jason, I'm afraid DoD can only be booked online. The applies to all BA mainline except Basic 1/3

    Hi there, our Armed Forces excludes Basic (Hand Baggage Only) & First . Are you trying to book one of these? ^KP

    Because of the applied to package . The booking class purchased, may not be eligible for advance seat 1/2

    Hi Richie. You don't get on with only hand luggage. ^Neil

    you're getting a lower price. The only applies to that include checked baggage. The normal price (2/3) ^Neil

    are providing on all for all Armed Forces,Reservists, the Cadets,MOD Civil Servants.…

    BA announces armed forces : is offering a 10% on all across its global netw…

    # offering 10pc on all to Serving #ArmedForces , Reservists, Spouses of Serving Personnel, Veterans, from today

    And you can book these @ biz class… with the $400 off AARP…

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